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My interests are very wide and varied and are as diverse as Steam Railways and Popular Music from the 1960's onwards. My interest in railways stems from my childhood days in the early 60's spent on West Hallam Station and, as anyone around at the time will understand, The Beatles greatly influenced my musical tastes. After leaving Ilkeston Grammar School in the late 60's and studying both Chemistry and Accountancy ( at different times ) I eventually left Derbyshire and moved to Tyneside in 1975. I joined Buck and Hickman in 1976.

I became a supporter of Derby County in the 60's and still follow them today ( from my armchair ) followed by Newcastle United after my 15 years on Tyneside.

I moved to Aberdeen in 1990 and have settled well and made many good friends. My interests also include PCs, The Internet, Shooting, Sport and others too numerous to mention. I am retired now and regular walks with my dog Basil are also part of my routine.

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A selection of my guns

CZ452 Silhouette .17HMR

Sako Finnfire .22LR

Ruger 10/22 All Weather .22LR

Lanber Sporter 12 Bore Under and Over

Air Arms S510 Extra FAC .22

Crosman 2250XL .22

Weihrauch HW45 .177

Last updated November 23rd 2018

BSA R10 Mk11 VC .177

AirForceOne Desert Falcon .22/.177  .22/.177

My latest cars

Weihrauch HW95K .177

BSA Scorpion SE Tactical .22